• My Specialties

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  • Coping with Self-Absorbed Parents

  • Did your mother or father make everything about their needs?
    Did they have a grandiose sense of entitlement?
    Did they demand attention and admiration–but gave little in return?

    My mission is to help adult children of narcissistic parents improve their future by transcending their past.

  • Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Learning how to Master your own Mind

    Are you comfortable sitting quietly with yourself? Or do you need to be with someone or doing something all the time?

  • Intimacy for Gay Men

  • It’s easy for gay men to find sex. Locating love and intimacy is a bit trickier.

    Many people confuse sex with intimacy, and gay men are no exception. Intimacy takes time and there are no short cuts.

  • When Panic Attacks

  • Have you had an anxiety or panic attack? 

    Do you live in fear of having another one?

    Anxiety doesn't disappear but we can learn how to manage it. 

  • Improving Self-Esteem

  • Self-esteem influences everything we do—our level of income, the amount of aliveness in our relationships, the way we approach goals and dreams. Our self-esteem travels with us everywhere and people respond to us accordingly.